The Soft Neighborhood Model

2016-03-01: Hard Boundaries in 2014/15

This is how the existing hard boundaries would have assigned the 2014-15 kindergarten class to schools, with properly utilized buildings and no neighborhood transfers:

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This is taken from v3.0 of our SNM paper. The full explanation of this graph is in Chapter 7, but briefly:

This is what the neighborhood school assignments look like, if you disallow neighborhood transfers and assign kids to their hard-boundary-specified neighborhood schools --- which is what the SACET changes implemented last year are intended to do. And this is what section sizes look like if you use the buildings as they were built, e.g., no kids crammed into boiler rooms. Section sizes vary enormously from school to school. If the kindergartners had been evenly distributed over the available sections, the section sizes at all schools would have been 27.5 (East side) and 31.6 (West side). Instead, we see section sizes ranging from 8.8 to 48.0 on the East side, and from 16.3 to 44.7 on the West side.
Copyright 2016, Brooke Cowan and Matthew Marjanovic